Osalejate arv: 20-40inimest.


The class excursion is a forest adventure-  an exciting and educational 24- hours spent in the beautiful nature of Kõrvemaa. Together, the class will undergo training on coping in nature, learn how to shoot with bows and airsoft weapons, go through a GPS orientation tour and play team games that require smartness and good cooperation skills. In addition to that, water fun awaits children by the lake – two large ten-seater inflatable boats and about a dozen SUP paddle surfboards – of course with rescue equipment. Part of the program is also a fun and memorable transport with a military truck, which takes the young campers to the RMK campsite by Järvi Pikkjärvi. We have an outdoor kitchen at the campsite, where three delicious meals are prepared for the young campers and large military tents where kids can sleep when they are tired from their adventures.

The goal of our program is to offer children an exciting and educational day in the beautiful nature of Kõrvemaa. The adventure program begins with an afternoon gathering at the Aegviidu railway station. It is possible to arrive there quickly and comfortably with the Tallinn-Aegviidu train. There, a military truck adapted for passenger transport awaits the hiker. Next, the journey goes through the beautiful nature of Kõrvemaa towards the RMK campsite located by Lake Pikkjärvi. We have an outdoor kitchen, large military tents, and a lot of necessary equipment for a busy day at the campsite.

As an introduction, we introduce the children to the agenda and the rules of the camp’s rules of procedure. Afterward, we offer a nutritious lunch and vigorous activities on Pikkjärvi begin. Children get life jackets and go through the necessary training. Two large three-seater dinghies and a dozen SUP paddleboards are ready on the beach. How and for how long you frolic on the lake depends on the weather.

When the children have dried themselves and changed their clothes, we start the training on coping in nature. We discuss together the possibilities of getting into the forest, we talk about situations that lead to getting lost and how this risk can be reduced. We talk about setting weather maps, studying the compass, and maps, and playing through a “get lost” in the forest with everything that goes with it. We teach how to spend the night in nature in an emergency, what to eat and how to make a fire in different ways. We also provide knowledge on how to make yourself more noticeable to searchers if you make a mistake, and many other important and exciting things.

In the afternoon, you will be able to try bow and air guns under the watchful eye of experienced instructors.

After dinner comes free time and, at a reasonable time, a good night’s rest. NB! This reasonable time is established by the teachers accompanying the class. Their word is also our law.

Warm pancakes await the hiker in the morning, and cool team games begin after body conditioning. At the end of the team game, things are packed and the camp is cleaned. When the equipment is put away in the truck, we will give you maps, GPS devices, and other necessary things, because on the following trip you can try out what you learned the previous day in practice. Your task is to complete an independent trip, about five kilometers long, where the first task is to find the Kõnnu bog boardwalk that starts at the edge of the bog. The nice journey includes Kõnnu bog, two lookout towers, the amazing Paukjärv, and the Soodla river. At the end of the hike, the Tour Guide will meet you with the truck and the children’s bags and drive the group to the Aegviidu railway station. With that, we consider our part finished. Before getting on the train, the long-awaited opportunity to use the pocket money you brought with you opens up. You can visit a local store. After the adventure, the ice cream, soda, and other body support will be wasted!