about us

HermanEvents - over twenty years of adventure tourism in forests, swamps, rivers, and seas!  

Our roots go back to 1999 when the convincing Estonian adventure tourism brand Veematkad was established. Today, we operate under the company OÜ Herman Events, continuing to bring adventures all over Estonia. Due to the versatility of the adventures we offer, there are activities for each season – from summer boat trips to winter ski trips.

We deliver daily in the vicinity of Aegviidu and on Nelijärvi, where we organize the motorized orienteering game “Off-road adventure”, which has become a hit product over the years, for which there are 20 UAZ retro SUVs from our company’s garage. However, many of the adventures we offer also take place on the water. Such include rubber and canoe trips on various Estonian rivers, as well as SUP surfing and speedboat rides on lakes and the sea. Also, in our product catalog, you can find various nature trips to beautiful Estonian bogs, both on snowshoes and skis.

Our main customers are Estonian companies, for whom we have organized several hundred exciting and memorable company events over the years. These include summer, teamwork training, Christmas parties, and customer days. Nevertheless, we always welcome smaller groups and groups to take part in our adventures. For example, through us, dozens of class sets reach nature every spring, and spend their end-of-class excursion with us, learning practical skills for survival in the forest and a fun adventure. Also, groups who have big anniversaries, birthdays, or upcoming weddings to celebrate.

Thanks to more than twenty years of activity in the field of adventure tourism, our company has a lot of cooperation partners, a lot of experience, and, most importantly, an awe-inspiring amount of different, very exciting, and original adventure and team games for every season. We can offer active and varied activities to both large companies and smaller collectives and class sets.

Our mission and priority are to create experiences that are positive and memorable for every participant. That’s why each of our adventures is doable regardless of physical ability or age.

So feel free to contact us so that we can find the most exciting and suitable adventure together!

Yours sincerely,  Indrek Herman

CEO of OÜ Herman Events


+372 5110 253