toimub kevadine kõrgvee periood

osalejate arv: 4-150 inimest

Toimumispaik: Pirita ja jägala jõgi
HIND: 35EUR/Täiskasvanud; 25EUR/laps

Rafting and whitewater rafting are recreational outdoor activities that use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. Rafting generally requires a mountainous nature with a large drop and volume of water. At the height of spring high water, Estonia’s own Pirita and Jägala rivers provide a measure of suitable conditions for rafting. We offer a modified rafting adventure on both rivers for groups of all sizes: from 4 up to 150 people. In our stocks, we have two sizes of rafts: smaller ones suitable for 4-6 people and larger ones for 6-11 people. If necessary, we can put about 150 people on the water at the same time.

le panna umbes 150 inimest. 

Rafting on the Pirita River begins with a gathering on Lasnamäe, near the Iru nursing home, where the group gets life jackets and goes through the necessary training to go on the water. The descent of the Pirita River is about 7 kilometers long, and it takes an average of 1-1.5 hours to cross it. The adventure route is divided into two. The first section of the river, which has a calmer flow, meanders for a long time around the city hill of Iru. In the second part of the adventure, when the driving skills are in the paw, you will reach the rapids that start from the Iru Bridge and end at the Lakati Bridge, where the finish of the adventure is also located.

Rafting on the Pirita River is nothing too extreme or dangerous, rather a sporty and vigorous river trip. Therefore, it is also a perfectly suitable activity for families with children. In addition to safety equipment and training, each raft is equipped with a GPS tracking device and a radio transmitter on the adventure. Thanks to this, the organizing team knows your location throughout the trip and also has the opportunity to guide you from the shore to the most exciting places through the radio transmitter.

The rating on the Jägala river begins with a gathering at the parking lot at the Jägala waterfall bus stop. After gathering the group, we move to the campsite with transportation of 4×4 minibus. Next, the preparation for rafting begins. For a change of clothes, we have special military tents, which are heated. When the group is ready, the participants are given helmets and life jackets and undergo thorough training. The rafts are moved on a trailer, a 4×4 minibus to the start.

The rapids of the Jägala river begin immediately after the Jägala waterfall. Due to the length of the descent, which is only 500m, a total of 5 descents are made during the hike. Each team is accompanied during the descent by a raft captain who, in addition to safety, ensures the versatility and extremity of the adventure.

The first descent is calmer and intended for training. With each subsequent descent, an experienced raft captain tries to screw up the rafting. Thanks to the width of the river, it is possible to test different routes and find new exciting waves. When choosing hiking clothes, you have to take into account that the water splashes a lot during the rating, and it is not uncommon for a participant to take a crisp spring bath. Therefore, part of the training includes teaching how to behave while in the water and how a rescue operation is carried out. It should be added that the rescue operation is carried out quickly and always successfully. Due to the above, we have a warm car sauna, heated tents, hot hiking soup, and tea ready at the camp.

Due to the peculiarities of Jägala, rafting can be organized there only in springs with a lot of water, and that too in a very short time window. The participation fee for Jägala waterfall rafting is approximately €60 per person, which includes equipment, transport, an experienced hiking guide and training, a post-adventure sauna, and a camping meal. The size of the rafting group is 20 – 30 people.

Feel free to contact us so that we can plan rafting for your group based on the season!


Rafting is certainly not life-threatening! For our part, we have done everything to ensure your safety during the spring water frenzy. In preparation, the river has been cleared of dangerous trees, the team has been trained and all risks have been minimized. Over 25 years of experience in rafting has taught us to find a good balance between safety and excitement.
Certainly no prior experience is necessary for the adventure. Training is held before going on the water, where everything important is discussed. In addition to this, either through a radio transmitter connection or with a raft on the river, there is also a raft captain with you.
Our rafting is made more expensive by the fact that the offered adventure includes extras in addition to rafting - sauna, hiking soup and tents for changing clothes.