off-road adventure

toimub aastaringselt

Osalejate arv: 4 – 100 inimest.

Toimumispaik: Rajad on umbes 30 kilomeetri raadiuses ümber Aegviidu. Aegviidu alev asub 60 kilomeetri kaugusel Tallinnast.

The off-road adventure represents car orientation, where the goal of the teams is to find as many hidden checkpoints as possible, in picturesque Kõrvemaa nature within a given time. It is a team competition, which is won by the team that has collected the most checkpoints within a given time.

The vehicle for the off-road adventure is the classic UAZ retro SUV, which is known for its goodness in the forest and makes the orienteering game personal. The classic terrain map and GPS are the navigation tools of the game.

south lane

There are 70 hidden checkpoints to look for. The South track is a little easier and perfect for the winter period.

north trail

There are 130 hidden checkpoints to look for. The North track is a bit more difficult as the road network in the area is more irregular and there are more “water obstacles” and terrain on this track.

Before heading to the adventure game on the roads, the participants are divided into teams, after which there is a short briefing where the participants are familiarized with the map, GPS, and the peculiarities of the UAZ SUV. Cars together with teams start the competition at 3-5 minute intervals. The goal of the game is to find as many checkpoints as possible, which are marked by colored boards attached to trees in the forest, which show the point number and codes. 

The task of the teams is to find these boards and write the received secret words on the table. There is something for the whole team to do: a driver for driving the car, a person who is responsible for tracking the map, and another whose task is to find checkpoints in real life with a GPS device. It is a selective orientation, which means that there are more checkpoints in nature than can be found within a given time. Therefore, planning the team’s strategy and making the right choices play a very important role.

Although it is our goal to provide our adventurous activity to as many people, nonetheless our main priority is to respect nature while doing it. Therefore, it is important to stress that the tracks of the “Off-road adventure” are on public forest roads, and in this regard, our activity is legal, well-thought-out, and not destructive to nature. Each checkpoint can be accessed via forest roads, so there is no brutal destruction of nature. A large part of these roads are in very poor condition and the use of an SUV as a means of transportation is fully justified.

 Two trails have been prepared around PõhjaKõrvemaa Nature Reserve, Aegviidu

South lane: 310 +KM euros per car.

Northern route: about 345 + KM euros per car.

NB! The exact price depends on the number of cars going to the track, the length of the ride, and the choice of the start and finishes place.