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During our twenty years of operation, we have brought memorable events to over several hundred companies. We can organize events from weekend outings for small companies and collectives to summer days with 1000 participants for large companies. Companies such as Telia, Elisa, Viking Windows, and Glia or institutions such as Eesti Pank, and Estonian Reform Party have spent memorable summer days with us.

Thanks to the wide network of cooperation partners developed over the years, the experience of previous events, and the versatility of our products, we are flexible to find the solution that suits your company best in a joint discussion. Our cooperation partners include Estonia’s best DJs, bands, holiday villages, caterers, hiking guides, and other adventure tourism providers. Feel free to contact us so that we can put together the most suitable solution for your company!

As you said, we organize company events all over Estonia. In addition to all kinds of places on land in Estonia, we have organized events on various rivers, lakes, and also on small Estonian islands. For example, over the years we have organized numerous events on Estonian islands such as Pranglis, Kihnu, or Saaremaa.

Organizing entertainment programs has given our team invaluable experience, which allows us to emerge victorious from the most unusual situations that life, or Estonian weather, can bring. Our company’s fields of activity are divided into swamps and forests, as well as water bodies. This ensures the flexibility to offer versatile adventures to long-term customers as well. In addition to the rafting, off-road safaris, and exploring small islands by speedboat offered by the companies, team games are the ‘hit product’ of our company events.

Team games are a great adventurous break to hold between seminars and training sessions at a company event. They unite the company’s team and create memorable memories. With more than twenty years of experience, we have invented many cool team games ourselves and selected the best ones from the existing ones. The common feature of the games is that the games must not be physically difficult, but require good teamwork and ingenuity from the participants. Our selection of games also includes worthy, but time-worn, traditional team games such as tug-of-war or breaking a jug bomb.

Read more about which team games Herman Events offers in the ‘adventure games section. And feel free to contact us so that we can put together a memorable and adventurous company event according to your expectations and our experience!