toimub: Kevadest Sügiseni

Osalejate arv: 20 - 60

Toimumispaik: Kõrvemaa looduskaitseala

The enchanting Koitjärve and Kõnnu bogs of the Kõrvemaa nature reserve await hikers from spring to autumn to get to know their diverse nature. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, a hike of about 4-6 kilometers will be completed in the swamp, getting to know the history of the area as well as the plants and animals that nest there.

The hike starts in the parking lot of the Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Center, from where you move on together in a box of 6×6 ZIL 131 type military trucks, which have been especially applied there for the transport of passengers. We have 4 of these trucks to display, so we can take more than 60 people on a hike at the same time.

The snowshoeing trip is accompanied by a hiking guide who will tell you about the history of the locality and everything that nature has to offer. When driving, you will reach the edge of Koitjärvi or Kõnnu bog, from where an exciting, approximately 4-6 kilometer snowshoeing trip begins under the guidance of a hiking guide. If desired, it is also possible to undertake a longer-distance hike. We have up to 60 pairs of snowshoes in stock for a swamp trip, the bindings of which are suitable for all kinds of sports shoes.

After a couple of hours of leisurely hiking in the picturesque nature of Kõrvemaa, you reach the campsite, where a fire is lit and a hiking drink is offered according to the weather. Also, at the end of the hike, there is a nutritious “traveler’s” soup and sausages grilled on the fire.

The price of the hike includes the start of the ski trip on a Transport Zil safari car and back to the hiking center from the finish line, snowshoes, hiking food and hiking drink, and the service of a hiking guide.

Feel free to contact us so that we can answer any questions you may have and plan a snowshoe hike in Kõrvemaa together!