toimub aastaringselt

Osalejate arv: 20-60 inimest.


HIND: 30-60€ inimene

*Hind oleneb ringsõidu pikkusest, programmis sisalduvaid vahenditest (räätsad, kanuud, kummipaadid) ja grupi suurusest

Combined nature tours represent different options for getting to know the picturesque nature of Kõrvemaa. Nature trips are perfect as a post-seminar reward for the work team or simply as a versatile and memorable way to get to know Estonian nature with a larger group. It is possible to combine the trip with snowshoeing, skiing, or dinghy trips if desired so. For transportation, large blistered box trucks are used for getting the hikers to their destinations. At the end of the nature tours, there is also a picnic with grilling sausages on the fire and a delicious hiking drink. To conclude, combining a hike makes everything possible, and a specific program can be prepared according to the customer’s wishes.

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Feel free to contact us so that we can combine the most suitable nature trip in Kõrvemaa for your group!

Price: 30-60 euros per person. It depends on the length of the tour, the equipment included in the program (shoes, canoes, dinghies), and the size of the group.